Friday, May 30, 2008

Series Three Prints Out Now

Well, they are finally here - a couple of hiccups along the way but yesss, they're here. And looking very fine.

French's 3-colour 'Boar Tree' characteristically combines amazingly detailed line-work with a slightly twisted subject. Rachel Cattle is best known for her beautiful pencil drawings, so simple and yet suggesting a darker story unfolding. Her axe is one colour print, a graphite/grey. Tom Gauld's 'Gigantic Robot' is a fantastically huge, classic Tom Gauld robot, his gorgeous hand-drawn lines in black on top of silver.

So my friends, we hope you like them too. They're all ready and waiting for you here.

Neasden Control Centre: new shows

NCC collaborated with Will Barras recently at the No New Enemies show at La Botanique in Brussels and is also taking part in the excellent Subaquatica's 5 year anniversary group show in Madrid until 13 June - check it if you can.

Supermundane is Wonderful

Supermundane, who took part in Early Griffin series 1, has a shiny new site (although I'm maybe a month or two late on this....). Lots of new work to wonder at so spend some time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Nigel Peake Goodness for you and me

The talented Mr Peake has been busy as ever - he's taking part in the awesome Needles and Pens 5 year anniversary group show and has a new Subtle Circle project release out - his collab with the equally talented Ms Finch of Tiny Showcase fame.
In the words of Will Bryant, ''I love nice people who make cool things'' .